About Us

Julie and a puppy.

Model Farm is a small dog boarding facility with 15 kennels for medium to large dogs and a group dog park in the center of the complex for small dogs. The small dogs play together in their park during the warm days and sleep inside the house at night.

Why drive all the way to Palomino Valley?

Though Model Farm Kennels is a 20 to 30 minute drive from Sparks, dog owners make the trip out here for a number of reasons:

  • Our outdoor runs are very large in size.
  • Our dog guests can wander between their shelter and the runs at any time.
  • The dogs can also play in their wading pools or lay under shade trees during the hot summer days or bark at the other animals who live here or who fly over to visit the pond.
  • There is plenty of interaction between dog guests and human caregivers.
  • Because we are a small operation and the kennels are located next to our primary residence, we can offer personal, constant supervision and interaction with all of our dog guests.

We want the dogs who stay with us to have their own vacation We want them to get excited about coming back as soon as their owner’s car hits the gravel road on their way back to Model Farm Kennels.

Julie ... that's me with the puppy

The pond at Model Farm

Our History

The pond

The history of the Model Farm is intriguing in that it started out in the 1970’s as a small zoo, located in scenic and peaceful Palomino Valley. The property was always known as the Model Farm since its creator wanted to entice city dwellers into returning to a country way of life. He built this facility to lead their way.

During the 1970’s, the zoo was home to zebras, a giraffe, big cats such at tigers, and many other animals. There was a huge barbeque area, and fishing in the pond to entertain family members on frequent Model Farm open house days.

The main house.  It's a gambrel house design.

The creator of Model Farm also offered to sell gambrel kit houses which he designed and supplied from his lumber mill in eastern Nevada. (The photo on the right is an example of a gambrel house.)

The Model Farm was purchased by the current owner... Julie... and her family in 2001. They had lived on a nearby property since 1997.

When Julie’s family moved to this property in 2001, there was a year of clean up and plenty of remodeling to do. There were many outbuildings and pens that had been sitting empty for decades but now needed to find new uses.

Because of the family’s love of many sorts of animals, especially dogs, the idea and decision to turn several buildings into dog kennels was made. The old tiger cages became the kennels for the athletic, rambunctious dog guests while the fancy fowl building had very large outdoor areas and a very easy access building to care for the dog guests. And so the Model Farm became the Model Farm Dog Kennels in 2003. The outdoor runs vary in size from one car garage sized areas to two car garage sized areas. We are also willing and able to give prescribed medications, including diabetic medications, to our guests when needed.

Special Events

After almost 20 years of enjoying it with family and friends Model Farm is ready for new uses.

Our breathtaking and peaceful site is perfect for:

  • Weddings of all sizes
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Memorial services
  • Photography sessions
  • Concerts
  • Company parties.  

There is an acre sized pond lined with huge trees, a walking path, a foot bridge and a dock.  You can use our paddleboat or our canoe to take great pictures of people enjoying your event or for spectacular wedding shots.

There are several outdoor patios facing the water as well as a large space to accommodate a huge canvas tent or similar set up.  This outdoor area has numerous trees, flowering perennial gardens and koi ponds for viewing.

There is a large outdoor kitchen area with shade to serve meals and/or drinks to your guests. There are 8 feet of grills and a secure area for serving alcohol if desired.  This area could be for the caterers or family meal preparations.

In addition to the  beautiful outdoor areas, there is a large barn that can also be used for events.  This barn has a large dance floor, a bar/food serving area, a large seating area.  The barn could be used for your event or the reception or to serve as a backup area in the event of poor weather on the event date.

We would love to help you put together the magic to make your special event all your own.

License #031825-B0401107

Map and Directions

Drive North on Pyramid Highway toward Pyramid Lake... take a right at Whiskey Springs Road... take a right on Amy and look for the arch on your left.

Photo Gallery

Reception Hall
Reception Hall Interior
Bridge over our pond
Our resident geese and ducks
A good place to relax by the pond.
Chapel Bell
Chapel by the pond. (Currently being renovated)
One of our adorable boarders.
Main house
Office ... can also be used as a changing area for weddings.
Wall sconce in our Chapel
Close view of our pond

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Phone: (775) 475-0567

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Mailing address:

5000 Amy Road
Reno, NV 89510